Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pharmacist can be very fierce, too. Haha..

Sunday nite. Was busy dispensing when I received TDM blood samples for Gentamicin. Called up the Doctor in-charged to confirm some details.

Pharmacist (P): Good evening Dr. This is from pharmacy. I just received a Gentamicin TDM sample of patient XXX from you. May I know the date when Gentamicin was started, the dose, and the dosing interval? They are not written in the form.

Doctor (D): Har? I dun remember lar.. Hehe.. Yesterday got one pharmacist asked me to repeat TDM so I just repeat lor...

P: Ah? Which pharmacist was that?

D: Erm.. I dun remember lar.. Hmm.. Wait, I think the patient started Gentamicin 4 days ago.

P: 4 days ago?? Gentamicin treatment period is usually for 5 days only, right? That means the patient would be off Genta tomorrow. Why would u wanna repeat TDM? Moreover, now that our TDM machine has broken down, we have to send the samples to JB. By the time we receive the result, patient might be off Genta already...

D: I dunno lar.. Pharmacist asked me to repeat so I just repeat lor..

P: Hmm.. Or is there any reason that u might wanna prolong the treatment period? How's the patient's condition?

D: Actually the patient was already discharged this morning lah...

P: !!!!! Har??!

D: Yeah.. Cause he was initially diagnosed with Endocarditis, but upon reviewing his ECHO, we thought it was unlikely Endocarditis. Most probably just viral fever so we off the Genta and discharged him this morning..

P: Then why did u send his blood samples for TDM since he was already discharged??!

D: I dunno!! Pharmacist asked to repeat one mah!!

P: Dr, next time if patient is already discharged, DON'T send samples for TDM anymore, ok?! There's no point!

D: Ok ok...

(-__________-"') Don't just follow instructions, use ur brain to think lah... Dots...

Monday, July 27, 2009

tHe liL' PrINcESs eNJoYs t@LkINg To heR aHmA =)

Aww... Her angelic smile simply brightens up my day.. <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alive, once again =P

MIA for 2 months this time.. =P

Lack of blogging material lah.. unless u wanna read about my everyday boring routine or my wuliao research lah.. Yeah.. that's my life.. How sad... XP

ANYWAY, I went KL to visit my bro last weekend!!

It was a sudden decision. All because my aunt wanted to pass some stuffs to my cousin so she asked if my parents and I would like to carpool. Of course we accepted her offer gladly.

We started journey on Saturday morning, put a night in KL, and then drove all the way back to BP again on Sunday evening. It was a short but pleasant stay.. =)

Bro brought us for Korean BBQ dinner at a shopping complex named NZX (Niu Zhe Xui) near his housing area. We went jalan-jalan in the complex upon finishing dinner for our tummies were bulging out so much so that it was difficult for us to squeeze back into the car right away.

That was when I saw this!!

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe!! Kindly ignore passerby A, B & C.. XD

I had already heard all good comments about this concept shop when Kah Yee's birthday celebration was held there but I never knew about its exact location. Super beria-ia wanna try loh!! Bro somemore said it's not bad... Ok lah... Set!

So under my persuasion, we had lunch there the next afternoon. Kaka...

The menu. So cute so unique!! Like a story book!! They even took note of small detail like the barcode. Bro said the menu was different from its previous version. Well, I tak tau~ =P

The interior

The merchandise

The set lunch was quite value for money. 4 sets to choose from, each consisted of 1 soup of the day, 1 beverage, 1 main course, and 1 dessert. The price ranged from around RM16-18. Three of us took the set lunch while the other two ordered from the ala carte menu.

Mushroom soup!! Super creamy, thick, and rich in mushroom taste!! MUST TRY!!!

My ala carte Wasabi fish fillet. Besides the dipping sauce, there was nothing else wasabi about it...

Mum's ala carte dish.. Baked fish cooked in raspberry & fruity sauce. Yummilicious!!~

Bro's gf and my dad ordered the same thing, wok-sear chicken chop set lunch.
Signature dish of the shop. Another MUST TRY!!

Bro's set lunch. Baked fish cooked in some-kinda-sauce. Can't recall liao lah... The taste was superb though!!

The desserts.. Chocolate mousse and lemon cakes.. Tasted so-so only...

That's my car!! Yeah, I wish... XD

Overall, the food, the ambience, and the service provided were all above averaged. Prices are rather affordable, too. Definitely worth a second visit ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

tHe liL' PrINcESs!! 2 :D

The happy mum with the tears of joy... Aww...

The proud dad

Just taken out of the labour room.
Hadn't bathed yet but she already opened her eyes!!
Isn't she beautiful? :D

So curious!! Looking at the camera!! Smart gal!! :)

Bathed liao... Looking fresh!! Chubby chubby pinkish pinkish.. :D

Already knew how to hold mommy's fingers on her first day of life!! Aww... <3

See? She's smiling!! Sorry the pic was abit blurry.. My hands were shaky.. :p

Lil' cutie!! Beautiful gal~ <33

2nd day of life :)
Who do u think she resembles more? Daddy or mommy? :)

Dear Isabelle, welcome to this world of wonders...
Love u so much!! <33

Thursday, May 14, 2009

tHe liL' PrINcESs!! :D

Sis gave birth to my baby niece today!!!!! She's SOOOOO (multiply by infinity) C.U.T.E!!!!!! ^O^
Will update again soon.
Happy!!~ :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Totally eerie~

Despite all the dramatic moments on the Friday of 03/04, I was on-call at the A&E pharmacy on the following Saturday and Sunday, from 12a.m. to 8a.m. Completed the report for incident-reporting during my Saturday shift. Grrrrr...

Then on Sunday night, I was on-call with Mr. Z. He asked me about the incident, which I told him in detail since there were very few patients that night. He advised me with some words of wisdom based on his years of experience as a PPF. They all made very much sense to me. One of which that stroke me deeply was the importance of keeping all objects with sharp edge(s) under the counter, away from the sight of all patients, to avoid the possibility of them being suddenly grasped and used as a weapon against us. While saying so, he kept aside the scissors on the counter. He insisted that he was not being paranoid because anything could happen at an open-counter pharmacy, especially in the middle of the night, with the Jaga dozing off...

Honestly, I was a wee bit scared, probably due to the way he was putting it.. In fact, I must admit that was a bit paranoid. Around 130a.m., a Malay guy in T-shirt, pants, and slippers (quite big in size, not very tidy) came wandering about at the pharmacy, but he had no Rx and did not ask for any medication. I was all alone at that time. Mr. Z had gone to the satelite pharmacy upstair to handle some indents from the wards. The Malay guy then sat down quietly at the waiting area, sambil watching TV sambil eyeing my laptop from time to time. I didn't know what he was up to. So I just observed him at the corner of my eyes. Then suddenly he stood up and walked straight to my direction.

I was like "OMG, shit shit shit... What's he gonna do?" (All the scary stories Mr. Z told me started flashing through my mind)

Then he leaned forward at and looked over the counter (with me gripping my laptop dead tight with both my hands), trying to see what I was doing with my laptop. Then he asked, "Laptop baru eh?" In an attemp to defend my darling Dong Dong from being snatched, I answered, "Tak lah.. Sudah laaaaaaaaaama.." With his eyes locking on my laptop, he pursued, "Ni model Toshiba eh?" I answered, "Yeah..." *Go away go away lah! Why are u still here?!*

As I was freaking out, he introduced himself. Oooooh... Rupa-rupanya he was the HO on-call from the medical ward lah... Ah cheh!! He's a friend of my colleague. Came over just to have a short chat with another soul on-call since he was so damn bored. Darn! Wore until so chin-chai!! Not my fault my brain couldn't relate his appearance to his occupation loh.. Duh!! Hahaha.. sorry ya!! =P

I laughed at myself for my overreaction when he left. Decided not to let Mr. Z's stories freak me out and so I started to relax, watching V for Vendetta (u don't have to remind me of the fact that I'm outdated enough to live in the jungle) while waiting for the night to pass.

It was 4a.m. and I was close to dozing off when I heard footsteps approaching. Next thing I saw was a slightly plump woman in yellow-coloured tudung walking towards my direction. She was not in traditional Malay costume. Instead, she was wearing a blouse and a long skirt. I couldn't tell if she was a Malay for the lighting was dim and the tudung covered almost half of her face.

Then, she was right in front of me. The thick red-coloured lipgloss looked way too familiar... And the face! And the voice as she spoke,

"Xiao jie, wo gei gou yao dao jiao! Wo yao na yao gao!" while pushing her Rx and appointment book towards me.

Walao eh!! Confirmed 100% she was the PSY aunty who slapped me just 2 days ago loh!!

My immediate reaction was to slam my Dong Dong shut and push myself away from the counter, albeit in the most natural way I could manage so as not to provoke her once again. I could totally feel my adrenaline rush as my heart went "pip pok pip pok" in my chest. I was wondering if she'd recognize me and call me slut and slap me on the face yet another time, but it seemed like she didn't remember a single bit about my "affair with the ah ji ah cho doctor" and the shiok-ness of slapping my left cheek.

Luckily Mr. Z was with me. In fact, he was still upstair in the satelite pharmacy 5 minutes before the PSY aunty arrived loh. He came back just in time to save my @ss.. So I mouthed to Mr. Z quietly,

"She was the one who slapped me the other day!"

Mr. Z got it immediately and became fully alert as well. Honestly, he was damn MAN at that moment loh. He stood up to take over my place and told me to just stand behind him and be very careful. I obeyed like a frightened kitten. Honestly, I was a bit scared.

Mr. Z took the Rx from the PSY aunty and looked. T. Multivitamin 1/1 od X 1/52. Obviously the doctor simply prescribed something to satisfy her. And obviously, no dog was unlucky enough to have bitten her leg. Mr. Z quickly dispensed the 7 biji of MVT to her. When Mr. Z called out her name, she somemore corrected Mr. Z saying that she was DBC, not ABC. Walao eh, confirmed this aunty Schizo one loh! I saw her IC before. Unless both my eyes have got glaucoma, I am 102% sure that her name is ABC loh..

That aunty was not satisfied with the MVT. She kept leaning over the counter to point at the cream/ointment compartment, insisting that she was just bitten by the dog and that we must give her one of those. Mr. Z told her Doctor didn't prescribe anything of that sort to her and asked her to leave. She took her MVT and walked away for about 5 steps then turned around and returned to the counter again to start telling stories about her neighbour lah, her brother lah, her children lah, and the list goes on. This time, Mr. Z raised his voice, and told her sternly to leave NOW. She hesitated then continued rambling for awhile and finally left... What a huge relief to both me and Mr. Z. Phew...

Darn eerie loh!! I never expect seeing PSY patient at 4 o'clock in the morning loh!! Not to mention one who had just slapped me 2 days ago!! Did I like step on dog shit ah? Why so sueh one har? Oh well, from another point of view, I actually found it a good thing that I was the one on-call that day. Imagine what could happen if the one on-call were to be someone who were completely clueless of her aggressive behaviour... Open-counter is really quite dangerous lah.. Hmm.. I still wonder how that PSY aunty got to the hosp in the middle of the night... Did she like drive? Or walked all the way there? (> <")

Last Thursday, I thought I was going to kena again from a SPUB uncle from JB. Lets call him The Bodoh One (TBO for short) from this point onwards. So, TBO came with this Rx that includes Mensa Cream. Found out from FRP that we have no Mensa Cream and we usually substitute with LMS cream. I happened to be the lucky one to dispense TBO's medicine. The LMS cream was pre-packed into a cream container. I held up the LMS cream and told him politely, "Ini ubat sapu untuk tempat yang sakit ya.."

He interrupted, "EH!! Ini bukan lah!! Saya biasanya guna tiub biru punya! Pakai ni tak ada effect lah! Saya nak jenis tiub biru tu!"

Ok. The content in the blue tube was LMS cream also lor! That was last month's stock. We only had few batang left so we gave them all out before starting to supply the pre-packed LMS Cream in the small cream container loh. Seemed like he was one of the "lucky" one (unlucky for me though) to receive the blue tube LMS cream. Now that the blue tube type had finished, he thought I could melahirkan one for him meh? So I tried to talk him around, explaining to him that the contents are the same.
But this TBO, having the illusion that he himself is THE pharmacist in this situation, raised his voice and said " Awak jangan TIPU saya! Ni dua mana sama?! Saya tau! Saya nak jenis tiub biru tu! Awak jangan TIPU saya!!"

Walao eh! I paling benci patients say I lie to them one loh, WTF!! What for I lie to u?! U think by lying and providing u cheap medicine I can gain anything from the F-ing tax u paid to the gov ah? Damn it!!
Nvm, I tahan. Call it the placebo effect or whatever glamour sh*t terms u want. So I told him I'd check if there is any blue tube LMS cream left that I could replace his LMS cream in the small cream container with. So, I went into the filling area and asked out loud to everyone there," Patient nak LMS cream jenis tiub biru tu. Kita masih ada stok tak?" to which the FRPs and PPFs answered, "Kenapa? Tak ada lagi lah! Kasi tau dia itu LMS cream kita picit keluar daripada tiub biru punya. Kita dah tak ada jenis tiub biru itu lagi lah!"

And so I obeyed. To his disbelief, TBO got angry, "Tak mungkin lah! Away jangan TIPU saya!! Awak cakap tak ada kan? Tak apa. Saya pergi COMPLAIN KEPADA PENGARAH AWAK!!"

At this point, one of the PPF came out to the counter and repeated the same story. TBO was still not convinced and kept claiming that he'd go complain to the Pengarah if we didn't provide him what he wanted. So PPF said there might be some left and she'd go check the stock for TBO, thus leaving me and TBO at the counter.

About 2 mins later, PPF came out with one blue tube LMS cream in her hand!!! She then dispensed it to TBO!!!!!

OK. I must say, in this situation, I really couldn't agree with what the PPF had done. I know this saved us the trouble of answering a complain lodged by TBO, but come on, because of this I could be labelled a LIAR from now on, ok?! Hey, if u told me there is none left, that's exactly what u should have told the patient as well what! Be firm with ur stand!! If there were some stocks, u should have told me so and move ur lazy @ss to get one out for me earlier!!! Instead of getting it out only as TBO threatened to complain while I was trying hard to explain to him that I wasn't lying and there really wasn't any left!! Imagine how ur reaction embarassed me in front of him and other patients!! Why made me lie when I didn't have such intention?! Walao eh... To hell with "Jangan TIPU saya!" Damn it!!

Speaking of complain, 2 days ago there was this uncle who came to our hosp for Moduretic. Let's call him the Moduretic Uncle then. Well, our hosp had run out of Moduretic since 100yrs ago. We placed the order like 200 yrs ago dy, but until now we haven't heard of any news yet. Maybe the company needs to import Moduretic from Mars that's why it's been taking so long. We already informed all the Klinik Kesihatan to stop sending patients to our hosp for Moduretic liao, but none seems to understand human language. So, this Moduretic Uncle was directed from one of the Klinik to our hosp for his Moduretic.

Upon screening his Rx, I informed Moduretic Uncle politely (with the friendliest smile) that our hosp had run out of that medicine as well and what I could do for him was to take down his phone number and to call to inform him when the medicine arrives. I wonder if Moduretic Uncle suffered from hyperthyroidism for he somehow got very irritated by my statement.

"What? No medicine again? What is this? Har? U know how many times I travelled to and fro already ah? 4 times already, ok! Last time also like that! What are u all doing, man?!"

"Uncle, u see, this has happened for quite some time already. See, so many other patients are not getting the medicine as well. We already placed the order, but the company hasn't sent us the medicine yet..."

"NO!! U cannot say so!! Do u know this is a medicine for high blood pressure? *DUH!! Abu then?? U think my degree fake one ah??* No medicine ppl can die one u know?? Do u know how dangerous this is?!! How can ur hosp be like that? I think I am going to write to the newspaper to expose this!!! What la u ppl?!!"

I was a bit beh song already, but I tried to tahan. "Yes yes Uncle, I know. We're trying our best. Maybe u can go to the pharmacy outside and get a few tablets to hang on first. It's not very expensive. We will inform u once we have got the medicine. We're trying our best here..."

"NO!! That is NOT the case!! It's NOT about buying or not, it's about ur lousy system!! I am going to write to Liow Tiong Lai to complain about this!!!"

My blood temperature raised to the boiling point. If being accused for lying is one thing I hate most, being threatened by patient who thinks complaining could solve all the F-ing problems comes in second. I seriously felt like shouting, "Like I care?!! Wanna complain go complain lah!! I don't give a damn!! Go complain also wont get u ur medicine loh!! My own uncle is not getting the medicine as well loh, ok?!"

Luckily one FRP came out just in time to take over so I didn't have to reason with that Moduretic Uncle anymore. I just sat aside to listen to the pointless argument. Finally Moduretic Uncle realized he was just wasting everybody's time so he made us took down his phone number before leaving. As I was doing so, he reiterated the point that he was going to complain to Liow Tiong Lai (like our Health Minister was his best fren like that). I really tak boleh tahan dy so I sengih in return. Think he realized I was quite beh song dy, so he finally said something human-ish.

"I'm not complaining about u. It's the system. Liow Tiong Lai should know about it."

My anger simmered abit, but still, I kept quiet. I gave him a polite smile though. Moduretic Uncle then left.

Sigh.. I never knew dealing with angry patient is part of a pharmacist's daily routine as well. Teacher never teach in school leh..

Haiyo.. Uncle Aunty oh.. Would u stop threatening us with all ur complaints? Do u think we would be intimidated and reply,"Oh, sorry sorry!! Pls don't complain!! Pls, I beg of u!! I'll go get u the medicine now. Sorry!!"? No lo.. What makes u think we'd simpan the medicines and prevent u all from accessing them? It's not like the longer we simpan the medicines the more would turn into golden bars loh... Of course u have all the rights to complain if we behave like some stuck up bitches or if we never take any reasonable steps to solve the problems. But when we have apologized sincerely and explained how hard we have tried to provide u a quality healthcare service, could u pls at least be more polite to us? Think twice, before u react, ok?

And to a certain group of Doctors, when u make mistakes, we informed u in a humble way just to ensure that u won't cause DEATH. Pls don't be oversensitive and overreact like we are trying to make fun of u, ok? We are not that free for ur information. We care more for the patients, NOT u. Plus, when we make mistakes, could u pls remind us like the way we reminded u before, instead of calling to the pharmacy and simply shout at the unlucky soul who happens to be the one picking up the god-damned phone? Hey, having the title "DOCTOR" doesn't give u any right to simply SHOUT and vent ur anger on the pharmacists, alright? Just like having the title also doesn't save u from being scolded a "SCUMBAG" by a humble pharmacist like me on this humble blog of mine. Pls learn from ur fellow colleagues whom we respect much. These Doctors earned their respects, and they definitely didn't do that by shouting around. Period.

Finally, some good news to share! Forensic Exam results were released and I'm seriously glad that most of us passed!! Woohoo!!~ Congratulations, peeps!! =)

To my dear frens who didn't make it this time, don't be disheartened. Afterall, we weren't exposed to these before in the University. Moreover, what's this compared to PP3, right? We had come through together in year 2008 and am sure it's gonna be the same in year 2009. Jia you!! We will all get through and become fully registered by the end of this year!! Hek!!! =)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Money really very hard to earn ah...

Background music: Daniel Powter's "Bad Day"

Fell sick dy. Since 4 days ago. Coughed like mad, plus flu, plus sore throat, plus fever. Fine. This morning woke up late. Effect of too much anti-histamine. Got into the car, started the engine, no response. Started again, alarm was triggered, but still no response. Early in the morning me & dad gotta push the car all the way out to give way to another car parked inside so that I could go work with that car... Good exercise huh? (-__-")

Reached hosp. Started dispensing immediately. An aunty who'd applied super thick red-coloured lipgloss approached me to ask for her medications.

"I left my medicines here last wednesday. U bring out to me."

Then she started complaining, "Aiyo!! The doctor very bad lah!! Early early ah ji ah cho!! So noisy!! Blah blah blah blah blah..."

So I told her to take a seat and tried to look around for her med, but still couldn't find.

Asked her for Rx, she didn't have. Pembantu came out to ask for her appointment book so that we'd know what drugs to give.

IM Fluanxol. Clopixol sulphate. Just discharged from the ward few days ago.

Ok. PSY patient. But can't give her med without Psy form from the Dr. as well. So pembantu asked her to go see a doctor to get a Rx.

She left, but came back in few minutes time. Without Rx.

"Doctors didn't let me see them lah! Early early morning ah ji ah cho dy!! Aiyo, give me medicine lah! I give u my book! Doctor got write inside lah! U see!"

So I took over the book and read the content to see if I could find anything useful.

Suddenly she accused me loudly, "YOU MUST HAVE HAD AN AFFAIR WITH THE DOCTOR LAH!!!!!" and slapped me on the face. My specs flew out and dropped onto the counter. The entire outpatient department suddenly became dead quiet, with all the other patients' eyes focusing on me and her.

Walao eh.. Damn dramatic.. Just like the super classic scene in Moonlight Resonance, no? Well, at that particular moment, that was what appeared in my mind loh... Haha..

I didn't expect the slap coming. Honestly, she looked quite OK before that. Plus, my stupid URTI and the anti-histamine effect made my reaction damn slow. Don't think I could have avoided the slap even if I'd seen it coming like the Matrix way loh.

Funny thing was, I didn't get angry. If it had come from a normal patient, I might have crawled over the counter and slapped her back. The thing was, she was a PSY patient. At that point, I seriously didn't see the need to argue or fight with her. I just smiled and quietly picked up my specs from the counter and told her to sit down. Then I calmly retreated from the counter and brought her book in to tell the FRP that the patient slapped me and asked if there's anything we could do to supply her the medicine.

Ironically, FRP were the one who got super shocked. They called up the PSY secuirity to bring the patient to doctor and checked if my face was disfigured. Haha.. Told them I was OK and I went out to dispense again to the other patients, with the PSY aunty still shouting at me for medicine. This time I stood far far away from the counter la of course.

Awhile later the patient was brought away. FRP were expecting me to get traumatized and cry. They got someone else to replace my job and asked me to stay inside and rest. Told them I was OK but they insisted. Soon after that, the news travelled at such speed that the entire pharmacy department, upstair downstair, also knew about it liao. Then everyone started asking me about the incident, of which I repeated like N times dy at the end of the day.

Some after listening asked, "Painful or not?" I was like "Errrrrrrrmmm... "

Like Duh?!!

Some said, "Why didn't u shout back at her!! Scold her lah at least!! Later ppl think we all very easy to bully. Wah.. U really can tahan, huh?"

Hmm.. I didn't know how to answer for I really didn't see the need to do so. Very ironic hor? I think my old self would probably have transformed into the Hulk and tore her into pieces liao. I didn't know since when My EQ has improved so much. In other words, I have lost my backbone completely after working for 5 months in a gov. hosp. Ming, am in ur backbone-less gang dy!! XP

Hmm... Did the incident hurt me badly? The answer is a firm NO. Not a single bit. But the way some ppl reacted to it really hurt me badly. U see when such incident happened, it's always way too easy to differentiate the one who genuinely cares for u from the one who fakes it. U thought someone cared very much for u, but things turned out the other way round and u saw it right through. THIS, is what really hurts...

Moral of the story: Get a MC when u're sick!! Don't go to work!! Cause u tend to have slower reactions!! LOL... XD

K lah K lah. I gotta sleep liao.. No weekends for me this week! Gotta do overnight shift on Saturday and Sunday.. From 12a.m. to 8a.m. =( Then this coming Wednesday I also gotta work. What weekends?! What public holiday??!!! Grrrrrrrr... Luckily my time-off applications for Monday and Tuesday were approved liao. Tee hehe... Compensation.. =P
P/S. I gotta do incident reporting for this somemore. Grrrrr... Mafan dao~